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Shared responsibility : a one way street.

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Embargoed until 12.01 am Wednesday November 3


Senator Chris Evans Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services

3 November 2005

Shared Responsibility - a One Way Street Embargoed until 12.01 am Wednesday November 3

The Mulan Community signed a Shared Responsibility Agreement with Minister Vanstone ten months ago -and they are still waiting on Amanda to deliver her side of the bargain.

Labor in Senate Estimates has revealed that so-called Shared Responsibility Agreements impose all the responsibility with the Indigenous community concerned.

The Government takes no responsibility for meeting its part of the bargain.

The Indigenous Affairs Minister and officials could not explain why Mulan was still without a promised petrol bowser more than ten months after meeting its obligations under an SRA.

The east Kimberley community cut childhood trachoma rates from 80% to 16% BEFORE they signed the SRA (The Australian 10 December 2004); in return DIMIA promised to fund a much needed fuel bowser

That was last year. The community is still waiting for its bowser.

Officials told Estimates that the community started delivering on its side of the agreement immediately.

'It seems to me a glaring concern that the Government's part of the bargain hasn't been delivered,' Shadow Indigenous Affairs Minister Chris Evans said.

'I don't think they've delivered, on any reasonable assessment, if the bowser is not there.

'The key performance indicators for this Shared Responsibility Agreement don't include whether or not the Government delivers on its side of the agreement.'

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