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The bombing of Iraq: United States snub to UN.

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Senator Vicki Bourne

Australian Democrats

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson


17 December 1998



THE BOMBING OF IRAQ: United States Snub to UN


The Australian Democrats today said the US and British action against Iraq may achieve some sh ort term objectives but raises longer term questions, even though there is no doubt of the need to keep a lid on Saddam Hussein and work towards greater democracy in Iraq.


The Democrats Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Senator Vicki Bourne, said the question for the Australian Government is whether they are happy that this operation has been undertaken without UN or multilateral consultation with all that that implies for international security.


“Is Australia happy to support a vague and open ended military operation over which they have not been consulted?” Senator Bourne said.


“The US has engaged in a well planned operation. That indicates the US had enough time to consult with the UN Security Council, something they did not do. The US still has to explain why they did not. The Australian Government has to clarify if they are happy with this situation.


“Since the beginning of Desert Storm, the Australian Democrats have insisted that moves against the Iraq Government should have UN and international support. The significant difference between Deserts Storm and Fox is that Desert Fox has only US and British involvement. Desert Storm had the active involvement of around 40 countries, including significantly, most countries of the Middle East.


“Both Britain and the US say the international community wants compliance from Iraq. If that is the case why did they not consult with the representatives of the international community.”


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