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Two new commuter routes for Western Australia

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(Joint Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr. R.W. Swartz

and the '`T:A. Minister for Transport, Mr. L.J. O'Connor)

The Department of Civil Aviation has approved two more air

commuter service routes in Western Australia.

Hicks Airlines Pty. Ltd. -- a new commuter operator --",ill fly from Perth into the Murchison area and

Civil Flying Services (W.A.) Pty. Ltd., which already

operates Perth--Rottnest Island, will add Perth-Albany

to its service.

Both companies will announce their timetables soon.

This was announced today by the Minister for Civil Aviation,

Ir. R.W. Sviartz and the Minister for Trans port, iIr. R.J. O'Connor.

The Ministers said that the new routes had been approved only

after the moot careful consideration by the Commonwealth and State

Governments and after talks with MacRobertson Miller Airline


They added that i eA had been concerned for some time about

the increasing costs of these services when operated with big airline


As a result TIMA had decided to withdraw its services to

Albany and from the Idurchison area.

IdA was also considering withdrawing from other low-traffic

routes and the Commonwealth and State Governments were now considering

commuter service replacements.

The 'Ministers said that Bicks Airlines and Civil Flying

Services, operating the most modern light twin-engine aircraft, would

Provide fast, efficient services.

They would also provide a high standard of passenger comfort.

/2.. .


The Ministers ad«ed that commuter services were an

important advance in the development of Australian country

air services;

They hoped that the now services would xviceive strong

rublic support to enable them to become soundly established.

There were at present 12 companies operating on 46

routes to 44 Ports throughout Australia.

CANBERRA 20th September, 1968.