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Kalgoorlie runways to be re-sealed

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Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, The Hon. R.W.C. Swartz

Runways and taxiways at Kalgoorlie Airport in West Australia

will be re-sealed at a total cost of more than 060,000.

This was announced to-day by the Minister for Civil Aviation,

Mr. R.W. Swartz, Mr. Swartz said the work was aimed at keeping the runways in the best possible condition should Kalgoorlie ae needed as a re-feulling stop for D.C.9 aircraft on the east-west route,

D.C.9s were not normally used on the Adelaide -Perth sector because of their limited range.

However, when traffic requirements warranted, D.C.9s were

used to support Boeing 727 services.

Kalgoorlie Airport last year handled 719 regular public

transport movements and .,5©O;,paesengers.

CANBERRA January 15, 1968w-P .M.