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Instrument landing system for Alice Springs

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(Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr. R.W. Swartz:

The Department of Civil Aviation plans to install an aircraft

instrument landing system at Alice Springs, in the Northern 'Territory.

This was announced today by the Minister for Civil Aviation,

:s ue. R.W. Swartz.

Mr. Swartz said the ILS, w ich would cost about $200,000 to

purchase and install, would help overcome delays caused by Northern

Territory dust storms.

(Am instrument landing system is used to help a pilot land

in weather through which he must descent "blind" until close to the


Signals from the four basic components - the glide path,

the localiser and the two marker beacons - are displayed on instruments

in the cockpit to enable the pilot to be directly in line with and at

the right angle of descent to the runway when he breaks through cloud.)

Mr. Swartz said negotiations were under way with manufacturers

for the supply of equipment which could be of an advanced design.

Alice Springs is a link in services between Adelaide and Darwin

and is also a base for Northern Territory and North--Western Queensland


Last year the airport handled more than 31,000 passengers.

CANBEIIR.A, 10th September, 1968.