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Radio link for round mountain-point lookout

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Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation,

Mr. R. W. Swartz

A radio link will be established between two remote ground stations

in the New England District of N.S.W.

This link will join the Department of Civil Aviation's planned long

range radar installation at Round Mountain with a communications station at

Point Lookout, 5 miles away.

Announcing the establishment of the radio link today, Minister for Civil Aviations Mr. R.W. Swartz said the purchase and installation of the

equipment was expected to cost about w"-120,000.

Mr. Swartz last year announced plans for the setting up of a lung

range radar installation at Round Mountain (5,300 ft.) 80 miles :rest of Coffs Harbour, Iv .S.7.

He said the Round Mountain project was expected to be completed and

integrated into the highly complex east coast radar chain in 1971.

Point Lookout, besides being an important Very High Frequency ground

to air communications installation, was one of a series of radio repeater

stations uned by aircraft on the busy Sydney-Brisbane air route, M . Swartz said.

The establishment of a radio link between Round Mountain and Point

Lookout would allow radar data gleaned from the Round Mountain installation to

be relayed to Sydney and Brisbane Air Traffic Control centres.


Air traffic controllers in the to capitals would then have instant

reference to the whole Brisbane-Sydney route.

As well as the transfer of radar data, the new link betveen Round

Mountain and Point Lookout would also provide a limited number of voice

frequency circuits to allow radio phone communications between the two isolated


Mr. Swartz said the Round Mountain installation was a further stage in

the Department's plan to provide an unbroken radar cover over the busy Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane air route.

The plan envisaged a radar "umbrella" from about 160 miles south of

Melbourne to about 160 miles north of Brisbane and in the areas around Adelaide

and Perth.