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Coff's Harbour - point lookout radio link

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Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, The Hon. R.W.C.

Swart z

The Department of Civil Aviation, will spend $100,000 to

establish a communication link between P oint Lookout and Coff's Harbour.

The connection will bring the Coff's Harbour Flight rvice Unit into direct contact with air traffic control centres at Sydney and Brisbane,

Announcing this today, the Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr. R.W. ,Swartz, said Point Lookout would become a vital link in the chain of radio communication stations between the A.T.C.


The connection between Coff's Harbour and P •Dint Lookout

would enable telephone and teletype contact between the Coff's

Harbour flight service personnel and A.T.C., Mr. Swartz said.

Coff's Harbour Flight Service Unit would be responsible

for aircraft operating along the coast in the vicinity of Coff's Harbour and for general aviation aircraft flying inland

beneath the controlled air space of the airline trunk route.

Mr. Swartz announced recently that he had approved the

establishment of a "propospheric scatter" radio link between

Point Lookout and Springbrook in Queensland.

The system, to be installed at a cost of 0350,000 allows

a radio link to be established over relatively long distance

without having to provide repeater stations.

Radio waves are projected into the troposphere and from there reflected in a scattered pattern back to earth and picked

up by sensitive and directional equipment at the receiving end.

It would be the second of its type to be established in

Australia, Mr. Owartz said, and would provide the •final link in the ground-air—ground connections network on one of Aust+rlia's major trunk routes, -


June 28, 1968 - P.M.