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Car rental contract to Avis

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(Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr. R. W. Swartz.)


Avis Rent-a-Car System Pty. Ltd. has been awarded a 10 year

sole rights airport car rental contract from July 1, 1969.

The Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr. R. W. Swartz, announced

this today.

The contract, awarded to Avis as the highest tenderer, is for

53 Australian airports at this stage.

Mr. Swartz said the concession was let under the Commonwealth

Airports (Business Concessions) Act 1959 after public tenders had

been called.

He added that the Department of Civil Aviation had reviewed

most carefully the submissions of all the other tenderers.

The Department had also considered whether more than one rent-a-car firm should be allowed to have concessional rights at airports,

but it had been decided that the advantages to the public of a sole

rights contract were much greater.

Mr. Swartz said the sole rights policy would not prevent other

rent-a-car organisations from picking up at airports those clients who

had made pre-arranged bo%kings.

Mr. Swartz added that since the Business Management Branch of the

Department if Civil Aviation was established in 1959 tc develop

business concessions revenue from Australian airports, the Commonwealth

was receiving an annual return of about $1.2 million.

Mr. Swartz said that Australian public provided expensive facilities

for air travellers and many of these facilities such as airport terminals

were now showing their potential to generate very considerable business.

As a result of the Airports (Business Concessions) Act, the

general Australian public received a good return from the business

activities their aviation investments made possible.


M .Y 20, l96