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Final Sydney-Brisbane radio link

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A $350,000 system to improve communication links for

aircraft operating between Sydney and Brisbane has been announced

by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr, Swartz.

The system, worked on the principle known as

"tropospheric scatter", a llows a radio link to be established

over relatively long distances without the provision of repeater


Radio waves are projected into the troposphere (the

upper atmosphere) and from there reflected in a scattered pattern

back to earth and then picked up by sensitive and directional

equipment at the receiving end.

It would be the second of its type to be established in

Austr lis,, Mr. Swartz said, and would provide the final link in the

air- ground-air communications network on one of Australia's major

trunk routes.

Mr. Swartz said a large n umber of tropospheric scatter

circuits had been installed overseas in recent years, particularly

in the United States.

Several years ago a similar system had been installed by

the Dopartment of Supply between Geraldton and Carnarvon in West

Australia as part of the satellite monitoring pro .ie.

Mr. Swartz said it was planned to have the equipment

operating at both Springbrook and Point Lookout by 1970.

C.l •IBERc3^t ,

MARCH, 19th, 1968.