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Bendigo By-Election

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Senator The Hon. V. C. GAIR

Leader Democratic Labor Party Phones: Canberra, 705 Ext. 523 Br -

rsbane, 310101 E:Kt. 436

ETEI- 5A MGO: Not for release before 8 p.m. Monday, 2nd June.

I\ Toes for spee ch by S enator, The Hon. V.C. Gai r (Leader, D.L.P.) at meeting in support of D.L.P.

candidate 'r Paul Brennan, Seymour, Monday, 2nd June.

Simhltaneous release : Seymour, Melbourne, Canberra.



"The Bendigo By-Election has assumed an

iutportance greater than any other Federal By-Election in

recent years.

"The Curtin By-Election in Western

Australia several weeks ago showed that Australian

politics are in a state of flux.

"Parliamentarians and many voters throughout

Australia are therefore waiting with keen interest the

outcome of the By-Election in endigo.

"The voters of :Bendigo, whether they

desired it or not, must therefore consider the wider,

national implications of the way they vote on June 7.

"Having been placed in a unique situation, they should endeavour to cast a vote which will not only

elect a capable Federal representative for the district,

but which will have the extra bonus of exerting a

fax-reaching effect on National Politics.

A.Y,.F. No Alt ernative

"Twenty-two years ago -- in March, 1 947 W-there were A.L.P. Governments in power in the Federal sphere and in five of the six States.

"Today, the A.Z.P. is not in power in any State, nor in the Commonwealth.



"Furthermore, the A.L.P. does not even look as

though it is within cooee of power within the State or

Federal spheres, especially if it continues on its present

rudderless and leaderless course.

"Only last week it further demonstrated its

unusual ability for self-destruction when its former

Federal Secretary vacated his new job as State

Secretary to apparently join a publishing company. You

just don't change key staff in an Election year and

simultaneously permit all sorts of rumours and stories

to circulate about past party administration and finances.

"The fact is that the A.L.F., throughout

Australia, has ceased to be an acceptable alternative.

This was demonstrated in the recent Curtin By-Election,

and confirmed a fortnight ago at the C) .ueensland State Elections when the A.L.F. failed to make any real impression

or impact.

"The reason why the A.L.F. is no longer viewed

as an acceptable alternative is that it is too--preoccupied

with internal power struggles, its Federal leadership is

weak, and it has too many dangerous and ambiguous attitudes

on a number of important national questions, e.g.

assistance to independent schools, defence, Vietnam,

Communist influence in the trade union movement.

If the A.L.F. by some miracle won Bendigo,

nothing would be done to correct any of these faults in

the Party. 1°The only way to prompt reform in the A.L.F. is to ensure that the A.L.P. does not wir y in Bendigo. Gorton Government

"For some time the D.L.P. . and others have

accused Mr Gorton of adopting a cavalier approach to the

ruining of this country.

"Mr GortPn has not changed with the passing of.time, although there were signs that he might have.

He.and his Cabinet still continue to administer the affairs

of.this country in an unhealthy, cavalier manner.

"Only last week we had a further example of

the Gorton approach when Cabinet decided to ignore the

feeling of the Parliament - especially the Senate - and

announce that the site for the new Parliament House was

to be Camp Hill.



"The attitude was: You have had your say, I and the Cabinet will ignore your views, this is what the decision will be.

"In this particular case his attitude was

nothing less than dictatorial and arrogant.

"There c ould be no be tter ton ic for the

Gorton G overn ment than a reduction in the Liberal vote in Bendigo.

Alternative is the D.L.F .

"There are national implications in the

Bendigo result. Make no mistake about that fact.

"On the one hand, a win for the A.L.P. will

not speed up reform in that Party. Instead, it will

retard reform.

"On the other hand, an increased vote for

the Liberal candidate will be taken as an endorsement

of'Irr Gorton's continuing cavalier approach to the

administration of the affairs of this country. Further

ari2ogant action will follow.

"There is an answer to the apparent impasse

facing the Bendigo voter.

"The answer is a strong vote for the Q.L.F.

candidate Mr Paul Brennan, perhaps sufficiently strong

enough for the D.L.P. to achieve •a breakthrough and obtain representation in the House of Representatives.

"Paul Brennan has all the qualifications necessary to give your district strong representation in the National Parliament. He knows the problems of the area and you know that he is a worker, not a talker.

",,-' hen you consider the F,y--=election from all angles, a vote for the D.L.F. is the most effective vote you can cast.

"In the first place, a strong D.L.P. vote will - without a shadow of doubt - be interpreted as a warning to both T yr Whitlam and Mr Gorton.

"Second, it will provide endorsement for the role which the D.L.P. is attempting to play in Australian politics.

'" As I said earlier, there are national implications in the result of the Bendigo By-Election. By voting the D.L.P. way, you can make your vote have more effect than it ever could in any State, Senate

or General ;lection.'! --00000000000-

Seymour (Bendigo Electorate)

Monday, 2nd June, 1969.