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Arbitration system

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Senator The Hon. V. C. GAIR

Leader Democratic Labor Party Phones: Canberra, 705 Ext. 523 erlsbane, 310101 Ext. 436


"The release of it O'Shea will not solve

anything, because it will not be allowed to solve anything.

IT Communist Party has not brought the

matter to this stage to withdraw behind the shield of a


"The real issue is not the jailing of O'Shea

or, for that matter, the penal powers of the Industrial

Court. It is the complete destruction of the Australian

arbitration system.

"Proof of this can be seen in the decision of

the Victorian rebel unions last Friday. This decision,

which was endorsed by the Olympic Park mass stop work

meeting, demanded the "immediate repeal of the penal

powers and the complete abolition of the Industrial Court.'

"It is worth noting that the motion was

moved by Mr Carmichael, Communist Secretary of the AvU, and

seconded by J. Roulston, Secretary of the Boilermakers'

Society and an A.L.P. member.

"The attacks on the industrial arbitration

system by the Communist Party and the pro.Cemmunist left

have been implacable, sustained, and have taken many forms.



"The penal clauses are only another weapon, pulled

out of the Communist armoury to destroy the arbitration


"The tragedy is that so well-concealed is the aim

of the Communists that many good unionists with traditional

loyalty are being used to destroy a system which in fact they

support, from which they acknowledge have come tremendous

industrial advances, and which is in fact, the envy of the

Western world.

"There is a complete obligation on all in a

position to do so - the Press, Universities, politicians, and

social groups - to expose this conspiracy for what it really


"The cold reality of the situation is that the

present dispute is not an industrial dispute; it is a

conspiracy against the nation. The question is: who is the

Government of this country - the properly elected Parliament,

or the pro--Communist section of the trade union movement."


^, st May, 1969.