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An Inaugural message sent to President Richard M. Nixon, at the White House, today

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PRESS RELEASE THE SENATESenator The Hon. V. C. GAI R l .Leader Democratic Labor Par tyPhones: Canberra, 705 Ext. 523Brisbane, 310101 Ext. 436January 20, 1969EMBARGO: Not for release until 7 p.m. January 20, 1969(The following is the text of an Inaugural message sent to President Richard M.Nixon, at the White House, today)On behalf of the Australian Democratic Labor Party I extend cordial goodwill,• earnest wishes and prayers for a fruitful and successful term of office.The world applauds the concern of the United States for the establishment ofinternational peace and order and the dedication of that nation and of itsleaders to that achievement.We look forward to the maintenance and strength of the friendship between our twopeople and we assure you of the continued support in our country for thosepolicies directed to the containment of Communism and the independence of smallnations and their immunity from aggression.In this great task we will W ntinue to support Australian participation and to thatend we propose a five-point programme:Assumption by Australia of some responsibility for the defence of Malaysia,Singapore and Thailana; strengthened defence capability to make that possible;4 active Australian dip lomacy for regional co-operation to provide the framework forcollective self--defence; expanded Australian aid to Indonesia; trade opportunitiesfor Malaysia and Singapore; and a trade agreement with the United States to end ourMquabbling over meat and wool.It is our earnest hope that nothing will be permitted to impair the American-Australian alliance forged in the comradeship of war and in shared ideals, butthat in strength and purpose it may continue to be a powerful instrument for worldpeace and security.Senator V. C. GairLeader Australian Democratic Labor Party.P