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Queensland state elections

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Senator The Hon. V. C. GAIR

Leader Democratic Labor Party

Phones: Canberra, 705 Ext. 523 Brisbane, 310101 Ext. 436

Queensland State Elections

The encouraging D.L.P. vote can be attributed to a number of causes. These are

* the dissatisfaction of voters with the wrangling between the

Liberal and Country Parties;

* the electorate ' rejection of the A.L.P. as an acceptable

alternative Government;

the quality of D.L.P. candidates and the further realisation by

the people that the D.L.F. offers them a worthwhile alternative;

* the recognition by the voters of the value of the D.L.P.- Senators

in the effect of their accomplishments in Canberra, and their

hope for a similar balance in the Queensland Parliament.

As for the A.L.P., the lesson is clear : Unless the incubus of its

left-wing is repudiated or removed, the A.L.P. will continue to be

rejected, not only in the State sphere, but also in Federal elections.

The increased vote the D.L.P. obtained will give the Party great impetus

and will hearten and encourage our loyal supporters to even greater

efforts which surely must produce ever better results.

18th May, 1969.