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After 11 years of neglect.

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Senator Bob Brown Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

After 11 years of neglect…. 23rd Jun 07

Greens leader Bob Brown says Prime Minister Howard’s recall of parliament a

fortnight early, after 11 years of doing nothing on abused Indigenous kids,

will cost $1 - 2 million. The recall is set for the week beginning 23 July, with

parliament set to resume on 7 August anyway.

“This will be a $ 1-2 million wasted political exercise and the money should go

directly into health and protective services for the very kids Prime Minister

Howard says he will protect.

“Recalling parliament is more about political drama than protecting

Indigenous kids” Senator Brown said.

The mooted legislative change, after 11 years of inaction, can be dealt with in

August when parliament is due to sit again. A dramatic recall, costing $1-2

million, will make almost zero difference to what is happening in remote

communities but the $1 -2 million would make a huge difference at any one

of those communities. It would establish a health centre, bring in a GP, train

more Indigenous health workers, employ a police officer or do all four,”

Senator Brown said.

“All the necessarily urgent measures to address these terrible problems can

be taken immediately in consultation with the Northern Territory

government,” Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown is holding a press conference this morning:

At 11.45am

Murray Street Pier, Hobart

Further information: Prue Cameron 0408 473 379