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"Out of sight-out of mind " approach to Townsville park people is no solution: says ATSIC.

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“Out of sight -out of mind “ approach to Townsville park people is no solution - says ATSIC


7 September 2000


ATSIC ‘s Townsville Regional Council Chairman, Mr Eddie Smallwood, says Townsville Council’s decision to lock park people out of their camping spots won’t work.

“This out of sight - out of mind “ stuff is no solution at all. This is a tactic from the Dark Ages, not the solution that is expected or needed in the 2Ist century, “ he said.

Mr Smallwood said it was “extraordinary” that the Council had not consulted anyone other than the Police, nor had it even debated the decision.

He said that if the Council did not change its “unilateral and medieval “ approach to the parks issue, it ran the risk of making Townsville the focus of “negative international media scrutiny and even ridicule” during the Olympics.

“The council has not even consulted its own Elders Committee, or discussed it with a local response Task Force, which has been working on this issue.”

The local response group includes the Premier’s representative in North Queensland, local MLA Mike Reynolds, ATSIC and a range of other agencies.

Mr Smallwood called for Mr Reynolds to call an urgent meeting between the Task Force and the Council to develop a workable long-term solution.

He said ATSIC and indigenous Elders and community representatives would continue make a constructive contribution.

“We have always recognised the need for a workable long term solution to this. This issue is bigger than just the council going it alone. But the council has to have the commitment to doing that too “, he said.

Media Contact: Mr Eddie Smallwood, Chair Townsville Regional Council of ATSIC 0417 605 397


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