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Queensland Labor mean-spirited over Mt Morgan to Kabra Road.

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John Anderson Leader of the National Party - Deputy Prime Minister - Minister for Transport and Regional Services -Federal Member for Gwydir

Queensland Labor Mean-Spirited over Mt Morgan to Kabra Road 5th November 2001

Queensland's Transport Minister and the State Labor member for Fitzroy, Jim Pearce, have been taken to task over their mean-spirited attitude to the Mt Morgan to Kabra Road by the Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Services, John Anderson.

Mr Anderson announced in Mt Morgan last month that he was prepared to declare this important road link a Road of National Importance and commit $1 million of Commonwealth funding, subject to a matching State grant of $1 million.

"The road will give the people of Mt Morgan an equal chance to share in the employment benefits which will flow from a direct route to Stanwell, AMC and the State Government's own Technology Park," Mr Anderson said.

"I've been attacked for lack of consultation. But I thought we were all working for the same objective. Councillors say they have been pressing for this road for four or five years, while one said last month's announcement was the best in a decade.

" I know Paul Neville who is only in his first term as Mt Morgan's federal representative, but he has been pressing me on this issue for almost all of that time. He insisted I drive the route from Mt Morgan to Kabra and I did.

"When he is determined to get something for his constituents, he is relentless.

"I expected a generous response from Mr Pearce and Mr Bredhauer, given the Commonwealth was prepared to pick up 50 percent of what would normally have been a State or council-funded road.

"With the announcement that the AMC float is over-subscribed, its time to get on with the business and build this road.

"In the final analysis it's how sincere we are about giving the people of Mt. Morgan a fair go. The Howard-Anderson Government has shown its conviction - the Beattie Government should do the same."