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Red Nose Day: Labor's committment to SIDs and Kids.

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JULIA GILLARD M.P. Shadow Minister for Health

30 June 2006



Julia Gillard has joined the SIDS and Kids Super Hero Team to promote the 19th Red Nose Day campaign which this year will focus on the reduction of stillbirths in Australia.

Labor congratulates SIDS & Kids for once again raising the awareness in our community of SIDS and unexplained deaths of kids in Australia. SIDS and Kids is an international leader in the field of health promotion, dedicated to the elimination of sudden and unexpected infant death.

Similarly, Labor is committed to ensuring kids get the best start to life through health promotion and illness prevention.

In February 2006, Labor announced Goals for Aussie Kids, an initial policy response to the lack of dedicated children’s health policy and the increasing rate of chronic conditions our kids and their families are facing.

Goals for Aussie Kids includes clear goals in maternal health: • Continuity of care before and after birth and access to a choice of birthing services; • Good nutrition information and needed dietary supplements; • Support and treatment services to address smoking and alcohol and

substance abuse; and • Support and intervention services for depression.

Goals for kids aged 0-5 years: • Universal screening of newborn babies for hearing, foetal alcohol syndrome, and genetic and metabolic disorders; • Support services and home visits for new mothers and babies; • Parental education and awareness programs on nutrition, dental care and

child development milestones; and • Regular assessment of children against developmental milestones to identify and treat physical and mental problems.

Working together with the State and Territory Government’s a Beazley Labor Government will do its bit to reduce the number of infant deaths and chronic conditions in our kids.

Julia Gillard urges the community to support Red Nose Day. The community can become involved by visiting for more information and by purchasing Red Nose Day products.