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Sort of puts things into perspective, doesn't it ....

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Andrew Murray Democrats Senator for Western Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Accountability

Dated: 02 June 2006

Press Release Number: ittebqvw Portfolio: Accountability

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Sort of Puts Things into Perspective, Doesn't it ....

"The report in today's Australian that the Howard Government dished out a hefty $73 233 to bury Kerry Packer says a lot", said Senator Andrew Murray, Democrats Accountability Spokesperson. "For me, it puts things in perspective. Here we have a Government clearly showing its colours in spending $73 233 of taxpayers' money for a memorial service for one man of great wealth. "When it comes to memorials for more than 500 000 Australians who spent their childhoods in institutional care, a stingy $100 000 is granted. Mean is too kind a word for the Government. Recommendation 34 of the 2004 Senate Community Affairs Committee Report, Forgotten Australians, recommended that memorials be erected across Australia to commemorate care leavers "In Australia, we could not have a more disadvantaged group. For most, their adult lives have been blighted from having experienced often horrendous abuse and neglect as children. They have been denied justice and robbed of the opportunities to make the most of their lives. Their suffering is just not understood by this Government. The Committee did not call the Report on over half a million Australians the Forgotten Australians by chance. The Government response to the Report just confirms their status - and the Governments miserable self-interested priorities, Senator Murray concluded.

Senate Community Affairs References Committee, Forgotten Australians: A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care as children, August 2004. 11.46: That the Commonwealth and State Governments, in conjunction with the Churches and agencies, provide funding for the erection of suitable memorials commemorating care leavers. Where possible, memorials could take the form of: Memorial gardens constructed in conjunction with local councils; the placement of plaques at the site of former institutions; and/or the construction of heritage centres on the site of former institutions. The Committee further recommends that the appropriate form and location of memorials should be determined after local consultation with care leavers and their support and advocacy group.