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Senate candidate vows to protect Telstra.

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DEMOCRATS MEDIA 04/1017 WEDNESDAY 6 OCTOBER 2004 SENATOR NATASHA STOTT DESPOJA JOHN MCLARENSENATOR FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA SENATE CANDIDATESENATE CANDIDATE VOWS TO PROTECT TELSTRA The Democrats' lead Senate candidate for South Australia, John McLaren, today joined with Democrats' Senator for South Australia Natasha Stott Despoja in pledging to oppose the further sale of Telstra. "If I am elected to represent South Australians in the Senate in the upcoming election, I will uphold Democrat policy and vote to keep Telstra in majority public ownership," Mr McLaren said. The Democrats' Telecommunications and Postal Services Policy states: "The essential nature of communications services and the implications for national security warrants public ownership of Telstra and Australia Post…The Australian Democrats will oppose any attempts to further privatise any section of or reduce cross subsidies within these public utilities…" Mr McLaren said Telstra's own data shows faults at a five year high and rising, due to reduced investment in network repairs. "The ACCC has also reported that competition in telecommunications is unsatisfactory, and has recommended that Telstra's market power be reduced by structural separation," Mr McLaren said. "Even the Government concedes that selling Telstra at its current share price would involve an unacceptable loss to the public sector." Senator Stott Despoja said she remained unequivocally opposed to any further sale of our national telecommunications company. "Further privatisation of Telstra - which is opposed by two thirds of Australians - is clearly not in the public interest," Senator Stott Despoja said. Media contact for John McLaren - 0417 115 260 Media contact for Senator Stott Despoja - Kate Griffith - 0417 085 260