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Abbott hospital name and shame plan foolish.

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Kerry Nettle, Senator for New South Wales

Abbott hospital name and shame plan foolish

Senator Nettle, 17th November 2006

Australian Greens Health spokesperson, Senator Kerry Nettle today urged Health Minister Tony Abbott to drop plans to publish statistics on public hospital waiting lists and patient deaths because these league tables would unfairly compare hospitals

who service very different patient communities with very different resources.

"Mr Abbott's plans to introduce performance league tables for public hospitals would end up comparing apples to oranges and therefore mislead the public," Senator Nettle said.

"A name and shame scheme could simply result in hospitals fudging the figures whilst the real problems go unaddressed.

"The best thing Mr Abbott could do to improve public health outcomes would be to scrap the wasteful private health insurance rebate and invest the $3 billion per annum that would be saved into the public health system, including public hospitals.

"There are too many adverse events occurring in our hospitals but the solutions need to be system wide not about picking on individual hospitals.

"The Greens advocate a unitary funding model for Australia's healthcare system which would manage both state and federal funding to more efficiently fund healthcare, including hospitals, and go a long way to alleviating poor performance."

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