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Minister snowed claimes [claims] MP.

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Colin Hollis MP

Federal Member for Throsby


10 March 1999






Minister for Finance, John Fahey, had been snowed by Transport bureaucrats in exempting Sydney Airport from Parliamentary scrutiny, M ember for Throsby, Cohn Hollis, ALP, said in Parliament today.


Mr Hollis told Parliament that the Sydney Airport Corporation had a borrowing plan of $1.45 billion and had admitted before a Parliamentary Committee that they intend to spend $700 million over the next two years.


Mr Hollis claimed that at time when there was great concern at the management of Sydney Airport, and a call for an inquiry, it was folly to surrender Parliamentary to bureaucrats.


Mr Hollis said, although other airports had been privatised, Sydney Airport was 100% in government ownership and as such should remain under the scrutiny of the Public Works Committee.


Mr Hollis quoted the legal council for Sydney Airport, Ms Hodge, who admitted that there was no practical or economic gains, it was purely a matter of principle for Sydney airport.


Editors note: Public Works Committee Amendment Regulations 1998 (No 1), as contained in Statutory Rules 1998 No.310 — Motion for disallowance — Mr Hollis to move motion appearing on the Notice Paper in his name.