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Democrats launch campaign of ideas and vision in WA.

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DEMOCRATS MEDIA 05/033 SUNDAY 30 JANUARY 2005 SENATOR LYN ALLISON AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS LEADER DEMOCRATS LAUNCH CAMPAIGN OF IDEAS AND VISION IN WA The Democrats offer good ideas, a vision for the future, and a sensible balance of power alternative for the upper house, Australian Democrats Leader Senator Lyn Allison said today launching the Western Australian Democrats election campaign. The Democrats are running candidates in 6 seats for the upper house in Western Australia aiming to regain the balance of power. “It would be a disaster for democracy if one of the major parties gained outright control of the upper house, as they have at the federal level from July,” Senator Allison said. “The Democrats have been sensible, constructive negotiators in the balance of power role in the Western Australian parliament in the past. At this election the Democrats are the only viable minor party, independent of both the major parties and willing to work to achieve positive reforms. “The Democrats also have many policy ideas to contribute,” Senator Allison said. The Democrats released a platform today that included environmental, education, health and business initiatives: • making Western Australia a leader in water conservation, recycling, and renewable energy • protecting the state’s unique biodiversity from invasive species and reducing bushfires • encourage healthy habits through school programs to tackle obesity, smoking and bullying, as well as limiting the access of minors to alcohol • improve integrity and accountability in Government through transparent contract reporting systems with private companies that take on Government work; fixed 4 year terms; and appointments on merit processes • ban live sheep transports and support the frozen carcass trade • abolish payroll tax for business employing fewer than 100 staff offset with growing GST revenue. The platform is available at Media contact for Senator Allison - Daele Healy 0419 867 649 Democrat candidates for the WA election: South West: Adam Welch 0438258984 and John Partridge 0418902313 Mining & Past: Don Hoddy 0417979205 Agricultural: Tony Bennell 0418941735 and David Thackrah 0403306405 South Metro: Jason Meotti 0414540768 and Andrew Ingram 0418938340 North Metro: Pat Olver 08 94030808 (H) and Guiseppe Coletti 0414983314 East Metro: Robyn Danski 0414314167