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Valentine's Day: not romantic for everyone.

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Ross Cameron MP

Parliamentary Secretary for Family and Community Services

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Valentine's Day - not romantic for everyone 13 February 2002

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Family and Community Services, Mr Ross Cameron, today used Valentine's Day to applaud the contribution of Men's Line Australia to improving, and in some cases saving family relationships.

"Traditionally, this is a day when many Australian couples refresh their relationships, however, it is important to remember that we need to nurture our relationships through the course of the whole year - not just one day, " Mr Cameron said.

"That is why Men's Line Australia is so important. Being the first service of its kind anywhere in the world it makes such a valuable contribution to many Australian families, providing a national, 24 hour a day, seven-day a week family relationships counselling service specifically for men.

"With a 17 per cent increase in calls for December it provided a vital service over Christmas and New Year which is a difficult time for many separated men.

"In just four months since the service started it has answered more than 3500 calls from people across the country.

Men's Line Australia provides confidential, easily accessible support to men to help nurture and reinforce their relationships with partners, ex-partners and children, particularly those facing separation.

Minister for Family & Community Services - Valentine's Day - not romantic for everyone (1 of 2) [11/04/2002 4:03:26]

Mr Cameron said the service gave men living in rural and regional Australia far easier access to professional help than would have previously been available to them.

"The Howard Government has invested more than $1.6 million over three years to Care Ring (Personal Emergency Services Inc.) to operate Men's Line Australia and is part of the $18 million Men and Family Relationships initiative, which also funds 54 mens' relationship support projects across the country."

The number of Men's Line Australia is 1300 78 99 78* (for the cost of a local call). *Calls from mobile phones will be charged at mobile phone rates.

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