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Peter Dutton admits defeat over 'Welfare to Work'.

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Peter Dutton Admits Defeat over 'Welfare to Work'

Media Statement - 25th July 2005

Last week Workforce Participation Minister Peter Dutton admitted to a Sydney conference that the Government had given up trying to get the 700 000 people currently on the Disability Support Pension into work.

They have been ignored, quarantined and forgotten - among the victims of a hasty plan put together as Howard/Costello leadership trouble boiled over ahead of the budget.

The ACOSS report on welfare reform says 300 000 adults and children will be worse off under the changes.

Under the plan single parents already working part-time will lose up to $216 a fortnight in income.

They face harsher work tests and cruel new payment suspension regulations.

The Government has ignored its own report that said the existing breaching regulations were unfair and intends replacing them with an even more draconian penalty regime.

Moving people with disabilities and single parents to Newstart is the beginning of the end for Australia's pension system - who will be next?

The only incentive the Howard Government gives the most disadvantaged people to get into work is to cut their support.

New programs to help people back to work cannot cope with the number of people who need the most assistance.

Authorised by Tim Gartrell, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.

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