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Assistance sought from Swiss authorities on Rivkin probe.

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Media Releas

Minister for Just

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ice and Customs ustralia

E10/04 30 January 2004


Swiss authorities are currently considering a request from the Australian Government to obtain information on into Rene

btain information to

are currently considering this request.

involves an ongoing rities have been able to

or Ellison said.


with Swiss

authorities on this and future law enforcement matters,” Senator Ellison said.

uss the investigation.

active in relation

tention of Mr Rivkin on insider trading charges.

(CDPP) from the

rective Services that a further absence of leave from periodic detention for Mr

“Labor should take their complaints about delays in the consideration of this issue to the NSW Government,”

to a head by the CDPP’s request for an

“The NSW Department of Corrective Services granted Mr Rivkin a leave of absence, and while Mr Rivkin had that leave of absence he was not in breach of any law.”

The CDPP is currently reviewing periodic detention laws at the request of the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock.

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Assistance sought from Swiss authorities on Rivkin prob

in relation to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC’s) investigati Rivkin, the Minister for Justice and Customs, Senator Chris Ellison, said today.

On 23 January, the Australian Government sought assistance from Swiss authorities to o assist ASIC in its investigation into Rene Rivkin. Swiss authorities

“While the contents and nature of the request cannot be revealed as the matter investigation, Australian authorities are grateful for the assistance that Swiss autho provide, and look forward to the cooperation continuing,” Senat

Swiss authorities have previously provided assistance to Australian authorities in the matte

“Australia has a good relationship with Switzerland, and we look forward to cooperating

ASIC’s Acting Chairman, Mr Jeffrey Lucy, met with Swiss authorities yesterday to disc

Senator Ellison also rejected Labor’s claims that the Australian Government had not been to the periodic de

Advice was received yesterday by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions NSW Commissioner for Cor Rivkin had not been granted.

Senator Ellison said.

“The decision which was made by the Commission was brought independent medical examination.