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Qld does it better for battery hens.

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Senator Andrew Bartlett Senator for Queensland Australian Democrats spokesperson for Animal Welfare

Press Release Dated: 8 Aug 2000

Press Release Number: 00/471

Portfolio: Animal Welfare 

QLD does it better for battery hens Yesterday marked the close of a significant public consultation period which may decide the future of the 10 million battery caged hens in Australia.

"Queensland vastly out-performed the rest of the nation in seeking public comments. Some states actually made no attempt whatsoever to consult the public on this issue," stated Senator Andrew Bartlett, the Australian Democrats' spokesperson on animal welfare.

Public comments on the "Synopsis Report on the Review of Layer Hen Housing and Labelling of Eggs in Australia" were meant to have been sought by all Australians in every state and territory for the past 5 weeks, with all public submission due on 7 August 2000. It was the responsibility of each state or territory government to encourage members of the public to make a submission.

"The efforts of the Queensland State Government really outshone the other states in its bid to canvas comments from the public on the issue of battery caged hens. The Queensland Government website had an excellent questionnaire that enabled the public to easily make a submission.

"However many people will have no idea that this crucial consultation period has just closed because the efforts of some of the other states was so poor. For instance, the South Australian Government took absolutely no action to get public comments. In fact, it even refused to meet with animal welfare groups during the 'consultation' period.

"Non-encouragement was also the strategy used by the WA State Government. It too did nothing to garnish public comment during the consultation period."

"Now that the public consultation period has closed we can await the outcome which will happen at a meeting of federal, state, and territory agricultural ministers in Brisbane on 18 August.

"The Democrats repeat our call for all government ministers to make a decision to ban the cruel battery cage. That is a decision

that I'm sure the public wants to hear," concluded Senator Bartlett.

The recent Yellow Beak Day campaign run nationally by animal welfare groups through The Body Shop reached many more people than the combined Governments' efforts. To date, the Federal Minister, Warren Truss, has received over 1,600 postcards urging him to ban the battery cage and other state ministers are expected to receive many thousands more.


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