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Record low job retrenchments.

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Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service 01 November, 2006

Media Release

Record Low Job Retrenchments

The number of job retrenchments is at the lowest level in at least two decades, according the latest ABS Labour

Mobility figures.

There were 232,300 job retrenchments in the year to February 2006, which is a fall of 57.6 per cent from 547,500 in

1992 when Kim Beazley was Employment Minister.

Job retrenchments are counted as the number of people who were retrenched from their job, or whose employer

went out of business.

The ABS Labour Mobility survey also indicates that employees can expect job stability.

In contrast, the highest level of job insecurity was on Mr Beazley’s watch, according to Morgan Polls, at which time

almost a third of all employees feared losing their jobs.

It is also notable that the incidence of persons working for less than 12 months with their current employer has

changed little over the past decade.

While the number of job retrenchments is historically low, the Government recognises that job retrenchments can be

heartbreaking for employees.

Effective labour market assistance is available from providers of Australian Government Employment Services,

including Job Network members.

The Howard Government was also the first ever to establish a General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy

Scheme to protect workers when their employer goes into liquidation or bankruptcy.

Record job creation. Solid wage growth. Record low industrial disputation. And now record low retrenchments.

Reform of Australia’s workplaces continues to provide ongoing economic opportunities for all workers and their


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