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Women: be angry again!

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Senator Sue Boyce Liberal - Queensland

Electorate Office: Level 9, 301 Coronation Drive, Milton, Qld

Telephone: (07) 3510 3100 Facsimile: (07) 3510 3111




It’s time for a younger generation of women to get angry and active about gender inequality, according to Senator Sue Boyce, Liberal senator for Queensland.

“Most of the overt discrimination against women has gone—women no longer have to quit work if they marry—but many younger women seem to have settled for ‘near enough is good enough’,” Senator Boyce said.

Speaking to mark International Women’s Day on Saturday, Senator Boyce said women still did not receive equal pay for equal work.

“The first IWD rally in Australia in 1928 was protesting about many legal and other forms of discrimination but they were also fighting for equal pay for equal work.

“In fact, the gap has widened in the past few years, especially as women try to move up the career ladder.

“Many young women seem to have been duped into believing that equality has been achieved because they can get a decent job after school or university.

“But they are generally on lower pay even then and the gaps just widen as women progress into more senior positions and seek to have children. Equality is a complete mirage.

“Even in ASX200 companies, only 7% of the top earners are women and their senior women managers receive between half and two-thirds of their male counterparts,” Senator Boyce said.

Senator Boyce said that although there had been a small increase in the number of women in politics in the past few years, Australia was sliding down the international scale.

“Currently 26.7% of our MPs are women but between 2003 and 2007 we have fallen from number 23 in the world to number 30. We’re behind countries like Burundi and Afghanistan.

“We must not allow a few high profile exceptions to mask the actual decline.

“Young Australian women need to start a new campaign to achieve true equality and that includes equal pay and 51% representation as the norm. It’s up to young women now to get angry about these statistics and act,” Senator Boyce said.

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