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Turnbull government sets up social housing for failure

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MEDIA RELEASE - 27 March 2018

*Turnbull government sets up social housing for failure*

Responding to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into Human Services, Greens spokesperson for Housing Senator Lee Rhiannon warned the Turnbull government that the public will not accept the running down of another vital public sector.

The Productivity Commission has recommended charging tenants in social housing ‘market rents’, under the guise of increasing choice and competition, ignoring the serious underinvestment in social housing.

“The Turnbull government set up the Productivity Commission’s findings by requiring a focus on ‘competition’ and ‘user choice’ in the terms of reference,” said Senator Rhiannon.

“The Treasurer seems to think people choose housing like they buy a loaf of bread.

“This neoliberal mantra of choice and competition hasn’t worked out well for people in the areas of energy, education or health, to name just a few examples.

“When you ramp up so-called competition in a vital service, some people get rich while everyone else pays more for poorer infrastructure.

“The public won’t be fooled again.

“The real solutions to our rigged housing system include winding back ludicrous tax benefits, strengthening renters’ rights and investing more in a bigger, more vibrant social housing sector,” said Senator Rhiannon.

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