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Pauline Hanson demands tougher action on crime

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Press Release

12 January, 2017

Senator Pauline Hanson One Nation Senator for Qu.eensland

Pauline Hanson Demands Tougher Action on Crime

A source from the Queensland Police Force has this morning revealed a plan by the State Government to release up to 50% of on remand youth, under the age of 17 from the T ownsville detention centre.

Senator Hanson said "Since arriving in T ownsville, residents have revealed, crime committed by youths is out of control involving car theft, car jackings and break - ins. Police are frustrated with State Government policies that ties their hands. They are also frustrated by Labor's watering down of previous affective crime prevention policies."

Online crime prevention groups, have revealed a lack of respect for police and the courts, even to the point where those charged, arrived at court in a stolen vehicle. Others antagonise police by doing donuts, tagging, mooning and driving down the wrong side of the road, knowing police can not give chase because of the Labor Parties 'no pursuit policy'. Police believe discretionary pursuit is necessary, in a form similar to NSW.

"In light of the information received, I am demanding a 'Please Explain' from the Queensland Premier, because if this is the case, I will call upon her to stop the mass release of juvenile offenders from the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre."

"The residents of Townsville and surrounding areas will not accept this and nor should they. Escalating crime is having an impact on the community, with some people choosing to leave the region and many afraid for their personal safety."

Senator Hanson has this morning informed T ownsville Mayor Jenny Hill of the State Governments plans after meeting her and CEO of the Townsville City Council yesterday and giving a commitment to help curb the regions crime.

"I also met with an organisation that hopes to set up a pilot programme that will address the out of control indigenous crime, with the intention of stopping youth from continuing a life of lockup. Our youth detention centres are a joke, unworkable and out control. If offenders don't get what they want in lockup, they riot, smash TV's and cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

"I'm calling on the Premier to protect the innocent, give the police and parents po\/1,,'ers to do their job and demand the courts hand out sentencing and non - bail conditions that fit the crime. Do your job Premier, otherwise after the next election One Nation will do it for you."

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