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Internet access returned to Christmas Island

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Senator the Hon Fiona Nash Minister for Regional Development Minister for Regional Communications Minister for Local Government and Territories

Deputy Leader of The Nationals

10 March 2017

Internet access returned to Christmas Island

• Christmas Island has had internet access restored. • Follows urgent negotiation by the Australian Government with SpeedCast. • Minister Nash visited Christmas Island this week.

Christmas Island residents can once again connect to the internet through their previous accounts after the Australian Government announced a deal with SpeedCast to supply the Island with internet.

SpeedCast has taken over from a previous provider who ceased supplying internet to the island after giving very little notice to the local community and Government.

SpeedCast switched on their internet service on Christmas Island today, 10 March 2017.

Minister for Local Government and Territories Fiona Nash, who had held a community meeting on the issue on the Island just this week, said the SpeedCast service meant locals would be able to continue to access the internet for business, education, and communications.

“We have worked to urgently return internet access to Christmas Island after the previous provider shut down,” Minister Nash said.

“I thank SpeedCast for stepping in to provide an internet service that will get Christmas Island back online.”

The deal with SpeedCast guarantees that an internet service is available until 30 June 2017, while the NBN is rolling out. There are already 91 Sky Muster services connected on Christmas Island, with more being added each day. After 30 June, the possibility of SpeedCast continuing to provide internet will be a commercial decision for the company.

“Many locals raised the issue of reliable internet access with me at the community meeting and I am pleased to be able to deliver on this issue so quickly,” Minister Nash said.

Minister Nash was on Christmas Island on 6 and 7 March 2017 and on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands on 8 March 2017.


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