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Government fails to tackle discrimination in processing asylum-seekers

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Government Fails To Tackle Discrimination in Processing Asylum-Seekers Published on Sarah Hanson-Young (

Government Fails To Tackle Discrimination in Processing Asylum-Seekers

The Federal Government has failed in its response to the High Court's ruling on offshore processing, by keeping a discriminatory two-tier system in place, according to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Senator Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson on Immigration, says the response from the Government shows it is desperate to legitimise a failed Howard-era approach to vulnerable asylum-seekers.

"This is not an appropriate response from immigration minister Chris Bowen and the Labor Government - all it does is prop up an unfair, unjust two-class system that has been rejected by the High Court,'' Senator Hanson-Young said.

"Rather than listen to and respond to the court's valid criticisms, the Government has chosen to pander to Tony Abbott and the Opposition.

"It makes no sense legally or practically for people's claims for protection to be treated differently based only on their mode of arrival.

"What this decision means is that the Government is continuing to punish the many hundreds of children in detention, simply because their families put them on boats rather than on a Qantas plane.

"Sadly, the proposed changes do nothing to tackle procedural fairness, which lay at the heart of the High Court's ruling.

"The Greens welcome any move to speed up processing of asylum-seeker claims, but the big backlog in the system relates to security clearances which are managed by ASIO.

"Hundreds of people who have already been assessed as genuine refugees remain in detention because ASIO isn't clearing their cases fast enough. If the Government is serious about clearing the backlog, what is it going to do about this?

"The Greens have already responded to the ruling by introducing a Private Senator's Bill to amend the Migration Act to treat all asylum-seekers the same regardless of their mode of arrival. We want the Government to adopt the Greens' bill - the system needs real reform and it needs it quickly.''

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