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Did Gunns mislead ASX? Full investigation needed immediately.

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Christine Milne Did Gunns mislead ASX? Full investigation needed immediately Media Release | Spokesperson Christine Milne

Friday 30th January 2009, 10:55am

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The Australian Greens are today calling for a full ASIC investigation into whether Gunns misled the Australian

Stock Exchange yesterday.

Gunns yesterday released the Herzfeld hydrodynamic modelling Report, which Senator Milne has been attempting

to obtain since April 2008. In releasing the report to the ASX, Gunns claimed that Minister Garrett had approved

Module L of their environmental impact assessment, a claim denied by Minister Garrett this morning.

"In trying to spin their way out of Dr Herzfeld's frying pan, Gunns may well have landed themselves in a much

bigger fire," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

"The ASX must immediately commence an inquiry into whether or not Gunns misled investors yesterday, and refer

the issue to ASIC for a full investigation.

"The Herzfeld Report is deeply embarrassing for Gunns. It confirms that Gunns' pulp mill will pollute Bass Strait

and will jeopardise the precious marine environment."

Dr Herzfeld said: 'this creates the possibility for high concentrations to be carried significant distances from the

source and will certainly reach Commonwealth waters [and the coast] under conducive forcing conditions.'

Dr Herzfeld goes on to say that, based on criteria prescribed in the State Pulp Mill Permits 2007 regarding

chlorate, Gunns would be in breach of the conditions 'on an almost daily basis'.

"Gunns has spent the past four years trying to persuade the Tasmanian community that its pulp mill would not

pollute Bass Strait," Senator Milne said.

"Gunns is clearly trying to spin the Herzfeld report as superseded on the basis that Minister Garrett has approved

Module L, but the Minister has made it clear that nothing in Module L is set in stone. Minister Garrett has said

that, not only has he not approved Module L, but that he will not do so until he has all the necessary science in

front of him from the real time hydrodynamic modelling, which will take a further 18 months to be completed.

"Gunns' claim that Dr Herzfeld's report has been superseded is desperate and misleading spin from a company

increasingly on the back foot.

"Far from being superseded, the facts remain that Gunns will dump 64,000 tonnes of effluent, including dioxins,

every day into shallow Bass Strait waters.

"Tasmanians do not want their precious coasts, marine life and seafood compromised by Gunns' polluting pulp

mill," Senator Milne concluded.

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