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Rudd fails to act on state Labor debt.

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The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and COAG and Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Emissions Trading Design

Despite the State Labor Governments being in power during some of the nation’s most prosperous times, they have gone into debt and failed to properly invest in necessary infrastructure.

Now they expect to eat into the Federal budget; a budget that was left in a strong position only by the Coalition efforts to pay off Federal Labor debt and strong management of our economy.

“If Kevin Rudd was really an economic conservative, the first thing he would have said to the State Labor Government’s at today’s COAG meeting is get your house in order and act on the debt you are racking up,” said the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and COAG, the Hon. Andrew Robb AO MP.

“But he didn’t. And he won’t because Kevin Rudd is in exactly the same position as the incompetent State Labor leaders.

“Like Labor Government’s right across this country, Kevin Rudd has been elected to Government after all the heavy economic lifting has been done.

“And like in the states, it has been done without the support of the Labor Party. In fact, it was done in the face of active opposition from Labor.

“Imagine where Australia would be if we were facing the current global instability with Labor’s $96 billion of debt still on the books? Or even half of that?

“Mr Rudd says that $3 billion over the next four years is essential to his Budget strategy but I don’t hear him complaining about the $111 billion of debt that the States will have racked up by 2011/12.

“Now the State Labor Government’s want to treat the Federal Budget as their own personal slush fund to pay for their pet projects.

“The Coalition strongly supports infrastructure spending. That’s why $38 billion was allocated by the former Coalition government to Auslink 1 and Auslink 2.

“But we are becoming increasingly concerned by the prospect of these funds being used to bail out incompetent State Labor Government’s without proper scrutiny.”