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Govenor-General pays tribute to the Philippines: Centenary of Declaration of Independence.

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Government House Canberra ACT 2600



Centenary o f Dec]aration o f Independenee

The Governor-General, Sir William Deane, tonight congratulated the Philippines and

its people on the Centenary o f the Declaration o f Philippines Independence on 12 June 1898

In doing so, Sir W illiam reaffirmed the very strong ties o f friendship and partnership between

Australia and the Philippines

The Governor-General was speaking at the opening o f an Exhibition o f Contemporary

Philippines Prints in Canberra The Exhibition is being held in the High Court building to

mark the Centenary.

With the permission o f President Ramos o f the Philippines, Sir W illiam quoted a

message he had received from the President in connection with the Centenary In the

message, President Ramos wrote

“ Our two nations have a long history o f co-operation and friendship In World

War Two, thousands o f Australian soldiers bravely took part in the Allied

campaign to liberate the Philippines. Our two nations have fought together on

the same side for freedom and justice in almost every great struggle this century

Today, Australia remains one o f the most important partners o f the Philippines in

the Asia-Pacific region”

The Governor-General said he endorsed and reciprocated President Ramos’

comments Australia and the Philippines, he said, had a long and very strong relationship

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“ We share a common outlook on key regional, economic and security issues’’ Sir W illiam

added that the Philippines “ remains one o f our most important partners and friends” He

stressed that both countries must put “ a lot o f work into ensuring that we don't take each

other for granted”

The Governor-General pointed out that the friendship between Australia and the

Philippines is “ underpinned” by the growing Filipino community in Australia o f more than

90,000 people”

He said that Australians joined with the people o f the Philippines “ in the celebration

o f the first Centenary o f the Declaration o f Independence in the Philippines” and shared

something o f their pride and excitement Australia, he said, understands the feelings o f the

people o f the Philippines very well as we prepare for the celebration o f the centenary o f

Federation in 2001.