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Concerning PISA result shows needs-based funding is vital

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MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Concerning PISA result shows needs-based funding is vital

The results in today’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report should be a wake-up call to this Government because they show that equality in education funding is vital for Australia’s future prosperity, the Australian Greens have said.

“While Malcolm Turnbull spends his time bending over backwards for the ultra-right of his party, Australian students, particularly those in low socio-economic areas, are languishing in a school system that receives inadequate funding,” the Greens’ Education spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“These results are disappointing but not surprising. This Government cares more about funding subsidies for overseas miners and tax rorts for the wealthy than they do about funding our schools.

“We need to understand what’s happening in our classrooms to gain an understanding of why our results are slipping. Teachers around the country need to be supported when it comes to giving students the basic skills education that they need.

“We need a fairer, more equitable funding system for our schools if we’re going to give Australian students the best possible chance at a decent future.

“Turnbull’s 2018 education funding cliff, which will see billions of dollars cut from our public schools, needs to be abandoned. As evidenced in the PISA report, countries that focus funding on a needs-based model have better results and do great work in tackling education inequality.

“If the Government was serious about innovation and growth, it would dump its billions of dollars in cuts to public schools, give over-funded private schools a haircut, and make a true investment in the future of our nation by directing funding to the schools that need it most.”

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