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Let's get on with the job

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Senator Barnaby Joyce 

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water  Leader of the Nationals in the Senate  Senator for Queensland 

Let’s get on with the job

December 09, 2010 10:08

I note with interest Minister Crean’s comments today to the good people of Narrabri on the resignation of Mike Taylor, Chairman of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, where he stated that:

We disagree with the view that the legislation didn't require the socio-economic consequences to be taken account of and that's what we're now redressing.[1]

It is interesting because less than two months ago, on 15th October, Simon Crean told ABC radio:

That guide was limited because the terms of reference it got in the very first instance - and I might say terms of reference that were given to it by a Liberal government when Malcolm Turnbull was the environment minister - didn't allow for sufficient consideration of what's referred to as the socio-economic consequences; in short hand the human cost.[2]

Simon Crean needs to come clean and reveal how he has come to have such a conversion, when the Chairman of the MDBA, relying on the same legal advice from the same Australian Government Solicitor, clearly hasn’t.

This government must stop taking the people of the Murray-Darling Basin for a ride. They seem to think that they can fudge, obscure and slide their way past their concerns.

I have a greater confidence in the people to see a politician when he is coming.

Let’s end the blame game Simon and get on with the job of delivering the basin plan we both promised, a triple-bottom line approach: balancing economic, social and environmental ramifications.

Let’s release all the legal advice, let’s have a proper investigation of the Water Act and let’s get on with the job.

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