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More bureaucratic bungles from Labor

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Senator Barnaby Joyce 

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water  Leader of the Nationals in the Senate  Senator for Queensland 

More bureaucratic bungles from Labor

December 14, 2010 17:38

Reports today that bureaucratic bungles may have exacerbated the recent flood damage in New South Wales are another sign of Labor's incompetence in the Murray-Darling Basin. It would appear that an excess of bureaucratic barriers in Labor governments has led to an excess of water flowing down the Murrumbidgee from the Snowy system.

If there was a pill to introduce common sense into the Labor party, I would move a motion to make them take it. It’s just plain common sense that in a year of a record flood we don’t need to add more water to the system.

Labor needs to come clean now and reveal how much water has been released from the Snowy and what, if any, additional damage has been caused by those flows.