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Reflection, support and resolve

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Senator Barnaby Joyce 

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water  Leader of the Nationals in the Senate  Senator for Queensland 

Reflection, Support and Resolve

January 14, 2011 11:27

The weekend has arrived and none would have envisaged how the events have unfolded in the last week. For so many Queenslanders and all Australians we watched in horror; it would change all our lives to some degree, some tragically.

Now is the time of comfort to the grieving, assistance for the homeless, help in the clean up especially for the elderly and infirmed and then we have to get the economy up and running so we can pay for the repairs. In the near future we will plan to do what we can to avoid this disaster from happening again.

Sly clauses in insurance contracts will be held in contempt. Those who loot will be caught and locked up. Towns out west will not be forgotten as new peaks keep towns that have been isolated for days isolated for weeks and towns on the flat far Western Plains isolated for months.

Health concerns now come to the fore- Ross River fever, Dengue in the far north, water purity, snakes, stray dogs, sandflies, mosquitoes and many other things that bite, sting and make you sick. Mould and mildew can have effects on asthmatics so get the house or flat clean and move wet furniture and coverings out.

The good news is everyone wants to help. This is the time, when circumstances are at their worst that human nature is at its best. That spirit that binds us together has more meaning and is more lasting than the State of Origin euphoria. This is the time when we can show we are more than isolated individuals, we are a nation. Better than any song or poem or sporting event is that part that says we are going use that strength inside of us to be mates and if my support can help you then you take and use as much as you need.