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Katter first MP to speak in Parliament in a Trump new world

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Katter first MP to speak in parliament in a Trump new world 10 November 2016: KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter was the first speaker that stood up in the house under an America led by Donald Trump. Mr Katter’s speech heeded warning to the free market trajectory of our major parties. Mr Katter says the election of Trump is a resounding endorsement from the people. People want the end of free trade. Mr Katter said, “I warn the major parties that we little parties got 25 per cent in the last election, and we will get much more in the next election. When we hit 30 per cent your day is finished, and you deserve it to be finished. “This is the tectonic plate movement. This is the end of marketism—the mad free-market system which would deliver control of the economies of the world to people like the Chinese and destroy the Europeans and the Americans. “But I am proud of them for standing up and saying we have had enough of this free-market enlightenment where we will be in a world government with Europe. They said, 'Two to the valley—we are standing up and looking after the English people.' The Americans have stood up and said, 'We are sick and tired of this business. We've sent all the jobs over to China under this rubbish; we have our people working for nothing because there are millions of people flowing across the border working for nothing. We have had enough of this.' “We Australians have to stand up. Unfortunately for you major parties, you are hooked into the other side of the equation. You are the architects of the free market system.” ##ENDS##

Hon Bob Katter MP Federal Leader

It's the principle of it Member for Kennedy