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Coalition to deliver $1.5 million for Tamar River Recovery Plan Stage 2 and four new green army projects

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Coalition to deliver $1.5 million for Tamar River Recovery Plan Stage 2 and four new green army projects Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A re-elected Turnbull Government will invest $1.5 million for the Tamar River Recovery Plan Stage 2 under the

Improving Your Local Parks and Environment Programme. This builds on the work completed under the Federal

Government's last contribution of $2.5 million for Stage 1.

A re-elected Turnbull Government will also deliver four new Green Army projects in the electorate of Bass to help

protect and improve the Tamar Estuary and improve habitat for local shorebirds.

The investment is part of the Coalition’s policy to support our local communities and environments by investing in

the parks, nature reserves, coastal and river area.

The Tamar River Recovery Plan Stage 2 will:

• Improve the amenity of the Upper Tamar River and its tributaries by addressing water quality issues in the Tamar


• Reduce sources of sediment erosion to reduce siltation, remove sediment from the upper estuary by mechanical

dispersion, and reduce harmful nutrients entering the catchment

• Promote increased economic activity and greater development in the river precinct, benefiting the people of


“This funding will ensure that the vital work already completed in Stage 1 of the Tamar Recovery Plan is continued

and extended,” Mr Nikolic said.

“Our local community in Launceston have seen the progress that has already been made, and I am pleased this

important work will continue under a re-elected Turnbull Government.”

The Improving Your Local Parks and Environment Programme will support local councils, community groups,

environment groups and others to undertake revitalisation, maintenance, management and improvement works at

local parks, nature reserves, rivers, coastal areas and community facilities, and build awareness to reduce littering

and marine debris.

“Andrew Nikolic has been a tireless advocate for the Tamar River and his entire electorate, speaking with me

regularly about the unique local challenges,” Minister Hunt said.

“He should be congratulated for advocating so strongly and effectively for Stage 2 of the Tamar River Recovery

Plan and for additional Green Army projects.”

The three new Green Army projects for improving habitat for shorebirds will:

• Protect, maintain and enhance local coastal areas including at George Town, Bridport, Ansons Bay, and Musselroe


• Survey and identify local shorebirds, as well as improve habitat for local species such as the threatened Fairy Tern

• Rejuvenate coastal areas through the removal of coastal weeds and the planting of native trees, shrubs and grasses.

The Tamar Estuary and Esk Rivers Green Army project will:

• Protect and enhance local areas of the Tamar River, including at Kings Bridge

• Extend the existing habitat of the endangered Lesser Joyweed (Alternanthera denticulate), as well as enhance local

tracks and seating facilities for the community

• Renew the local environment by planting of native plants and removal of weed species.

The Green Army provides opportunities for young Australians aged 17-24 years to gain training and experience

which will assist them in the future to find jobs, while generating real benefits for the local environment.

The Green Army has been a huge success with 1145 projects announced nationally and more than 700 projects

already rolled out in urban, rural and remote areas.

We are also planting 20 million trees to green our communities and provide habitat for threatened species.

Local parks and green spaces make our communities more liveable, healthy and sustainable.

The Coalition has a strong suite of practical environment policies that improve local environments and deliver

tangible results.

For more information on the Coalition’s Policy to Support Your Local Parks and Environment visit:

To find out more about the Green Army visit: