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Senator Lazarus: I don't trust the Government on the RSRT issue

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13 April, 2016

Press Release

Senator Lazarus: I don’t trust the Government on the RSRT issue

Senator for Queensland and Leader of the Glenn Lazarus Team, Glenn Lazarus has today confirmed he will still introduce his own Bill in Canberra next week when Parliament resumes to abolish the RSRT and the Owner Driver freight rates order (Order) - despite Malcolm Turnbull today announcing he will now move to abolish the RSRT next week. “I am pleased Malcolm Turnbull is listening to me and truckies across the country,” Senator Lazarus said today. “But I still don’t trust the Turnbull Government. “They have changed their position on the RSRT issue a number of times. “They have even tried to use truckies to buy votes by telling Australians that they would only abolish the RSRT if they were re-elected. “The reality is that the Turnbull Government has mismanaged the truckie issue from day one. “It should never have got this far. The Order should have been abolished as soon as it was handed down. “Owner Drivers across the country are suffering now. They are losing contracts, business opportunities, their trucks, their homes and their families. “I am concerned we are going to start seeing suicides. “If the Turnbull Government puts up legislation to abolish the RSRT and the Order, I will support it, but just in case, I will also be introducing my own Bill. “I am not prepared to take any chances. Too many truckies are already suffering and I can not risk the Turnbull Government changing its position again. “Once the RSRT and the Order are abolished, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator needs to be given more teeth to work with all areas of the road transport sector to address safety and to ensure Owner Drivers get a fair go in a level playing field environment. “Big companies also need to pay Owner Drivers’ invoices within 30 days. “Owner Drivers are the heart and soul of the road transport sector and we need to take care of them. Without them, community events like the Burrumbuttock Hay Run would not happen.” ENDS