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Broad backs abolition of Road Safety Remuneration

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Media Release Andrew Broad Member for Mallee

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Monday, 11 April 2016


The Member for Mallee, Andrew Broad, has today spoken out strongly in favour of seeing the

Road Safety Remuneration System (RSRS) abolished.

On April 4, the Prime Minister announced that he would introduce legislation into the House of

Representatives during the week of April 18 to ensure the RSRS Mandatory Payment Orders

for truck drivers cannot commence prior to January 1, 2017, providing certainty for the

industry while the Government seeks a mandate at the next election to abolish the system.

Mr. Broad said that the delay was a ‘good second option’ but the focus must be on abolishing

the entire system, which he believes risks significant negative impacts on the Wimmera and

Mallee region and the country as a whole.

“The recommendations of the RSRS around mandatory payments go against the basic

principles of small business and commercial enterprise and it could see truck owner-drivers

put under increasing financial pressure, as they are unable to compete with the large trucking

companies who are not bound by the payment orders.”

Mr. Broad was quick to point out that the orders would not just impact the owner-driver

community, that the costs would be passed on to the food industry.

“These orders are a hit on food - transport is a significant influence on food pricing and of

course, on the money paid to our producers. Costs are passed on down the line and our

farmers, who are already feeling the pinch, will be put under further pressure.”

In calling for the immediate culling of the RSRS, Mr. Broad acknowledged the importance of

regulations to ensure the standards of the trucks and the wider industry are maintained.

He argues however, that they are better overseen by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator


“The NHVR is already responsible for regulating a range of safety-related measures,

including vehicle maintenance, driver fatigue, speeding and load requirements.

“We don’t need the RSRS to fulfil that role and funding for the RSRS should be redirected to

the NHVR to further support their activities.”

Media Release Andrew Broad Member for Mallee

Email Media contact: Kirsten Lloyd

Web Email

Phone 1300 131 620 Phone 0418 445 233

The RSRS is linking driver remuneration with road safety but Mr. Broad believes the link is


“I agree with the Chairman of the ACCC - mandatory payment orders will lead to price

increases that would have an adverse effect on the competition sector and with no evidence

that it will improve safety outcomes.

“We need to be creating policy in this country to encourage economic growth and

competition, not policy that curtails it.”

The Wimmera and Mallee is home to a large number of owner truck drivers and food

producers who would be significantly affected by the RSRS.

“Our region cannot afford this. Our country cannot afford this,” Mr. Broad said.