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Coalition announces rollout schedule to fix mobile black spots

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Coalition announces rollout schedule to fix mobile black spots

17 February 2016

The Coalition Government has released the locations of the first 78 mobile base stations scheduled to be constructed by the end of June 2016 under round 1 of the $385 million Mobile Black Spot Programme.

Nineteen mobile base stations have already been completed and the first six-month rollout schedule lists the new or upgraded base stations to be built in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania by the first half of this year.

The full rollout of the 499 new or upgraded base stations will be completed over the next three years and the rollout schedule will be updated half-yearly with the most up-to-date information from mobile network operators of the new base stations scheduled to be built.

Consultation with local communities is an important step in the successful rollout of any major infrastructure programme, including the Mobile Black Spot Programme. Timeframes for the rollout of new base stations can vary widely, typically due to local government development approval processes, community consultation periods and other local factors.

Under round 1 of the Programme, the Coalition Government’s $100 million investment leveraged an additional $88 million in co-contributions from the Governments of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania, as well as substantial co-contributions from Telstra and Vodafone, local governments and third parties to establish a total funding package of $385 million.

This is the most significant one-time increase in mobile network coverage to regional and remote Australia delivered by a single public funding programme in the history of mobile communications in Australia.

The full rollout of 499 new or upgraded base stations from round 1 of the Programme will provide 68,600 square kilometres of new handheld coverage and more than 150,000 square kilometres of new external antenna coverage, providing mobile coverage to some 3,000 mobile black spot locations nominated by members of the public.

Public nominations for black spots to be considered under round 2 of the Programme closed last month, with an additional $60 million in funding announced for in round 2 in June 2015. The new locations to be funded under round 2 are expected to be announced by the end of 2016, with a competitive selection process for the funding to be announced in the coming weeks.

More information about the Programme and the rollout schedule is available at

Half Yearly - 2016 Mobile Black Spot Programme Rollout Schedule*

Base Station Name 

Base Station  Identifier 


Estimated completed by /  completed 

Acacia Hills  MBSP‐TAS‐016  TAS  March - 2016 

Ajana  MBSP‐WA‐001  WA  Completed - February 2016 

Araluen  MBSP‐NSW‐003  NSW  June - 2016 

Austins Hill / Mirboo East  MBSP‐VIC‐005  VIC  Completed - January 2016  Benambra  MBSP‐VIC‐008  VIC  Completed - January 2016 

Blackheath  MBSP‐VIC‐110  VIC  June - 2016 

Blackwood  MBSP‐VIC‐010  VIC  Completed - December 2015 

Blaxlands Ridge  MBSP‐NSW‐073  NSW  May - 2016 

Bodalla  MBSP‐NSW‐015  NSW  April - 2016 

Bogee  MBSP‐NSW‐016  NSW  June - 2016 

Boonah Rathdowney Road,  between Boonah and  Rathdowney 

MBSP‐QLD‐008  QLD  Completed - February 2016 

Bothwell  MBSP‐TAS‐003  TAS  June - 2016 

Brassi  MBSP‐NSW‐046  NSW  Completed - December 2015 

Buckland  MBSP‐TAS‐005  TAS  May - 2016 

Burnett Highway  MBSP‐QLD‐012  QLD  Completed - January 2016 

Capricorn Highway  MBSP‐QLD‐014  QLD  June - 2016 

Carapook  MBSP‐VIC‐076  VIC  April - 2016  

Cargo  MBSP‐NSW‐029  NSW  June - 2016 

Carlisle River  MBSP‐VIC‐020  VIC  April - 2016  

Clarke Creek  MBSP‐QLD‐016  QLD  Completed - January 2016 

Clunes  MBSP‐NSW‐033  NSW  June - 2016 

Coalstoun Lakes  MBSP‐QLD‐017  QLD  June - 2016 

Cobbitty  MBSP‐NSW‐014  NSW  Completed - February 2016 

Colo Heights  MBSP‐NSW‐036  NSW  Completed - February 2016 

Cooyar  MBSP‐QLD‐019  QLD  June - 2016 

Crows Nest   MBSP‐QLD‐020  QLD  June - 2016 

Curramulka  MBSP‐SA‐002  SA  June - 2016 

Darbys Falls  MBSP‐NSW‐045  NSW  June - 2016 

Drake  MBSP‐NSW‐048  NSW  February - 2016 

East Yuna  MBSP‐WA‐033  WA  June - 2016 

Elsmore  MBSP‐NSW‐052  NSW  June - 2016 

Eukey  MBSP‐QLD‐028  QLD  Completed - January 2016 

Eulo  MBSP‐QLD‐029  QLD  Completed - January 2016 

Ferguson Valley  MBSP‐WA‐038  WA  June - 2016 

Forsayth  MBSP‐QLD‐031  QLD  Completed - January 2016 

Gormandale  MBSP‐VIC‐044  VIC  June - 2016 

Grass Valley  MBSP‐WA‐045  WA  June - 2016 

Greenvale  MBSP‐QLD‐035  QLD  June - 2016 

Hernani  MBSP‐NSW‐062  NSW  June - 2016 

Hillgrove  MBSP‐NSW‐064  NSW  June - 2016 

Invergowrie  MBSP‐NSW‐065  NSW  June - 2016 

Kadnook  MBSP‐VIC‐053  VIC  June - 2016 

Kin Kin  MBSP‐QLD‐041  QLD  June - 2016 

Kununoppin  MBSP‐WA‐058  WA  June - 2016 

Lalbert  MBSP‐VIC‐062  VIC  June - 2016 

Lue  MBSP‐NSW‐078  NSW  June - 2016 

Manildra  MBSP‐NSW‐079  NSW  June - 2016 

Manna Mountain  MBSP‐NSW‐081  NSW  June - 2016 

Marlborough  MBSP‐QLD‐047  QLD  Completed - December 2015 

Minilya  MBSP‐WA‐071  WA  June - 2016 

Molong  MBSP‐NSW‐088  NSW  June - 2016 

Mount Mee  MBSP‐QLD‐053  QLD  June - 2016 

Mulgildie  MBSP‐QLD‐055  QLD  June - 2016 

Nabawa  MBSP‐WA‐080  WA  June - 2016 

Naraling  MBSP‐WA‐083  WA  June - 2016 

Nethercote  MBSP‐NSW‐098  NSW  June - 2016 

Palinyewah  MBSP‐NSW‐136  NSW  Completed - December 2015 

Patchewollock  MBSP‐VIC‐081  VIC  June - 2016 

Pigeon Ponds  MBSP‐VIC‐082  VIC  Completed - January 2016 

Powers Creek  MBSP‐VIC‐023  VIC  June - 2016 

Quilpie  MBSP‐QLD‐056  QLD  Completed - December 2015 

Saint Andrews  MBSP‐VIC‐085  VIC  February - 2016 

Sandy Point  MBSP‐VIC‐087  VIC  May - 2016 

Sheep Hills  MBSP‐VIC‐090  VIC  May - 2016 

Sherwood  MBSP‐NSW‐117  NSW  June - 2016 

South Yuna  MBSP‐WA‐107  WA  June - 2016 

Speewah  MBSP‐QLD‐059  QLD  June - 2016 

Spring Mountain Road  MBSP‐NSW‐118  NSW  Completed - December 2015  Swansea  MBSP‐TAS‐025  TAS  June - 2016 

Tatong  MBSP‐VIC‐094  VIC  May - 2016 

Toobeah  MBSP‐QLD‐060  QLD  June - 2016 

Warroo  MBSP‐NSW‐133  NSW  June - 2016 

Werrimull  MBSP‐VIC‐104  VIC  Completed - December 2015 

West River  MBSP‐WA‐121  WA  June - 2016 

Wherrol Flat  MBSP‐NSW‐138  NSW  June - 2016 

Wombelano  MBSP‐VIC‐105  VIC  June - 2016 

Woolomin  MBSP‐NSW‐142  NSW  June - 2016 

Woolooga  MBSP‐QLD‐067  QLD  June - 2016 

* Note: the locations on the rollout schedule may be subject to change. Timeframes for the rollout of new base stations may vary due to a range of factors, including local government development approval processes and community consultation periods

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