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Turnbull's test: Greens call for action not talk on clean transport and sustainable cities

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17 FEBRUARY 2016

Turnbull’s test: Greens call for action not talk on clean transport and sustainable cities

Infrastructure Australia has released a menu of recommendations and priority projects, but it’s up to state and federal governments to make the clean transport choices rather than polluting, clogged mega-roads.

“The Prime Minister needs to put his money where his mouth is and ensure Australians have the choice to make efficient transport choices,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for transport and infrastructure Senator Janet Rice.

“The only way to bring transport networks in our cities into the 21st Century is prioritise public transport, rail freight, and walking and cycling. Every extra person catching public transport or riding a bike is one less car clogging up the roads.

“The old ‘roads are king’ mantra is still the loudest call inside our corridors of power, while commuters in our cities suffer from congestion and poor services because of years of public transport neglect.

“We all know about Tony Abbott’s fetish for toll roads. Whether Prime Minister Turnbull be any different remains to be seen.

“In my home state of Victoria, we have a very live test case for the Prime Minister. The Labor state government talks about public transport, but invariably it’s roads that end up being first cab off the rank. The Western Distributor toll road shouldn’t be rushed to the front of the funding queue, instead Turnbull should assure funding for public transport, like Melbourne Metro Rail.

“The Prime Minister likes to take selfies on trains but we now need to see serious federal investment in public transport as a top priority, as well as cycling and walking infrastructure,” concluded Senator Rice.