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Dear Alan Jones, kids are still being taken away from families at a disproportionate rate

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Media Release

Senator Rachel Siewert - Australian Greens spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues

15 February 2016

Dear Alan Jones, kids are still being taken away from families at a disproportionate rate

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert responds to news that shock jock radio Alan Jones has claimed *¡****v********u*}*Ã¥****Z^*ö*}*o***v*'***v***Ã¥***ö*]*}*v*ê*[**ö*}**â*Ã¥*}*ö*****ö**l*]***ê*W*

*^**o***v*:*}*v***ê**ê***]****ö*Z*]*ê**u*}*Ã¥*v*]*v*P**}*v**Ã¥*****]*}**ö*Z***ö**Z*¡****v*******^*ö*}*o***v*'***v***Ã¥***ö*]*}*v*ê*[*X*/**Z***¿****v***¡*ê**(*}*Ã¥**Z*]*u*U*****Z*µ*P*** number of children including Aboriginal kids are being taken from families around Australia as we speak.

*^/*ö**]*ê**P*Ã¥*}*ê*ê*o*«**]*v***â*â*Ã¥*}*â*Ã¥*]***ö****(*}*Ã¥*D*Ã¥*:*}*v***ê**ö*}******â*]*ö***o*]*ê****}*v**ö*Z****â***]*v****v****ê*µ*(*(***Ã¥*]*v*P**}*(*****}*Ã¥*]*P*]*v***o****v***d*}*Ã¥*Ã¥***ê* Strait islander peoples past and present who have had subject to removal decades ago and are having them removed now. Such removals have caused generations of hurt and damage, we can't repeat it.

*^D*Ã¥*:*}*v***ê*[****}*u*u***v*ö*ê****Ã¥****µ*v*]*v*(*}*Ã¥*u********v******¡*(*µ*o*X* Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander children are ten times more likely to be in out of home care, we need to be focusing on how to reduce that, not making ridiculous comments about the need to increase the number of kids going into care.

*^****}*Ã¥*]*P*]*v***o****Z*]*o***Ã¥***v**u***l****µ*â**o***ê*ê**ö*Z***v**Ã’*9**}*( the general population yet they make up 35% of children in out of home care. In my home state of WA it is just over 50%.

*^:*µ*ê*ö******«*ê****P*}*/**ê*ö*}*}****¡*]*ö*Z* a collective called Grandmothers Against Removals, who are rallying across the country to get their children back and for better support for families.


*^ This issue is alive and burning, even if we have apologised for it in the past. I call on Alan Jones to apologise for h*]*ê**]*v***Ã¥*****]***o*«**µ*v*]*v*(*}*Ã¥*u********v****]*v*ê***v*ê*]*ö*]*¿****Ã¥***u***Ã¥*l*ê****v****ö*}**Ã¥***ö*Ã¥*****ö**Z*]*ê**ê*ö***ö***u***v*ö*ê*_*X*

Nadine Walker

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