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Tender awarded for Nhulunbuy Boarding Facility

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Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion

Minister for Indigenous Affairs

Peter Chandler MLA NT Minister for Education and Infrastructure

Joint Media Release

9 February 2016

Tender awarded for Nhulunbuy Boarding Facility

The construction tender of a new residential facility for Indigenous students attending Nhulunbuy High School has been awarded.

Minister for Education and Infrastructure Peter Chandler said local company Norbuilt will build the facility that will cater for 40 students with scope to increase the capacity to 80 students.

*^E*Z*µ*o*µ*v***µ*«***}***Ã¥***]*v*P*&*****]*o*]*ö*«**¡*]*o*o****v*ê*µ*Ã¥****Ã¥***u*}*ö****ê*ö*µ*****v*ö*ê******Ã¥*}*ê*ê**ö*Z****Ã¥***P*]*}*v**Z***¿************ê*ê**ö*}*****ã*µ***o*]*ö*«* secondary education and are well supported with a*¡***«**(*Ã¥*}*u**Z*}*u**********}*u*u*}*****ö*]*}*v*U*_*D*Ã¥***Z***v***o***Ã¥* said.

*^d*Z******}***Ã¥***]*v*P**(*****]*o*]*ö*«**¡*]*o*o****v*ê*µ*Ã¥****ö*Z***ö**ö*Z****v***∆*ö**P***v***Ã¥***ö*]*}*v**}*(****Z*]*o***Ã¥***v**Z***¿******¿***Ã¥*«**}*â*â*}*Ã¥*ö*µ*v*]*ö*«**ö*}* build the skills and confidence required to take full advantage of future economic opportunities in the Nhulunbuy region.

*^>*}*****o****}*u*u*µ*v*]*ö*«**u***u*****Ã¥*ê**Z***¿**********v**]*v*¿*}*o*¿******]*v**ö*Z********ê*]*P*v*U**}*â***Ã¥***ö*]*}*v***o****v****P*}*¿***Ã¥*v***v******â*o***v*v*]*v*P* *(*}*Ã¥**ö*Z****ï·¿*Ï*********(*****]*o*]*ö*«**¡*]*ö*Z**(*µ*Ã¥*ö*Z***Ã¥****∆*â***v*ê*]*}*v**}*¿***Ã¥**ö*]*u******ê****â*â*Ã¥*}*â*Ã¥*]***ö***X*_*

The Northern Territory and Australian Governments have committed a total of $20 million to building the residential facility at Nhulunbuy High School.

The construction of the residential facility will create local job opportunities, boosting the Nhulunbuy economy. Job opportunities will be available in the construction phase and new jobs created to staff the residential facility in the longer term.

Commonwealth Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, said Nhulunbuy High School has been selected as the site for the residential facility because of the large number of potential secondary students in the wider North East Arnhem Land area who enrol at the school.

*^^*ö*µ*****v*ö*ê****v****ö*Z***]*Ã¥**(***u*]*o*]***ê****ö*ö***v***]*v*P**ö*Z***E*Z*µ*o*µ*v***µ*«*,*]*P*Z*^***Z*}*}*o**Ã¥***ê*]*****v*ö*]***o**(*****]*o*]*ö*«**¡*]*o*o****** *ê*µ*â*â*}*Ã¥*ö********«**ö*Z*******â***Ã¥*ö*u***v*ö**}*(*****µ*****ö*]*}*v*[*ê*d*Ã¥***v*ê*]*ö*]*}*v*^*µ*â*â*}*Ã¥*ö* Unit whose primary role is to work with families and schools to ensure students are prepared for and enrolled in appropriate schooling *}*â*ö*]*}*v*ê**]*v**ö*Z****ê*****}*v*****Ã¥*«**«*****Ã¥*ê*U*_*^***v***ö*}*Ã¥*^***µ*o*o*]*}*v**ê***]***X*

*^d*Z****®*Ó*Ï**u*]*o*o*]*}*v facility will include single, double and four bed student rooms, a computer centre, music centre, a basketball circle, stage and amphitheatre.

*^***(*µ*o*o****}*u*u***Ã¥***]***o**l*]*ö***Z***v****v****o***Ã¥*P******]*v*]*v*P**Ã¥*}*}*u****}*u*â*o***ö****¡*]*ö*Z**}*µ*ö***}*}*Ã¥********l*ê****v*****Y**¡*]*o*o* overlook the oval. The site also includes a shelter for students and staff to use during extreme *¡*****ö*Z***Ã¥****¿***v*ö*ê*X*_

The facility is expected to welcome students from January 2017.

The Northern Territory Government has contributed $10.932M gst exclusive while the Australian Government contributed $9.1M GST exclusive.

Media Contact: Whittney Jago (Minister Chandler) - 0417 926 426 Ben Houston (Minister Scullion) - 0429 236 016