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Australian Government backs liveable cities with $250 million for energy efficient community housing

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The Hon. Greg Hunt MP Minister for the Environment


9 February 2016

Australian Government backs liveable cities with $250 million for energy efficient community housing

The Australian Government’s better cities commitment is being given a boost with a new $250 million program which will help provide affordable energy efficient housing to low income earners.

The new program will help drive the construction of market-leading energy efficient community housing in 2016, contributing to the greening of Australia’s cities and built environment.

This program is one way we are making our cities more liveable, by supporting the construction of energy efficient affordable housing for our communities.

By financing the development of homes which have the latest energy efficient measures built in, we can lower their long term energy needs and also minimise their impact on the environment.

This is a very practical way to drive down household energy costs, which can make a real and positive difference for low income families.

With this finance, Australia’s Community Housing Providers will be able to invest in new buildings which use more energy efficient building materials in their construction.

Giving Community Housing Providers access to tailored finance that will allow them to invest for the long term in energy efficiency.

Energy efficient homes could feature double glazing on their windows, or include high quality insulation and ventilation to reduce heating and cooling needs.

These are all important ways to reduce the energy demands of occupants, which has an environment benefit as well as lowering living costs.

The $250 million finance program is being delivered by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

The Australian Government had directed the CEFC to focus on cities and the built environment under its new Investment Mandate, which also includes financing emerging and innovative renewable energy technologies as well as energy efficiency.

The CEFC expects this new $250 million Community Housing Program will contribute to the c onstruction of as many as 1,000 new energy efficient homes Australia-wide, which is great news

for our cities and for families and low income Australians requiring affordable housing.