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Muir: focus on the serious business of Parliament without the games

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OFFICE OF SENATOR RICKY MUIR Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator for Victoria


Muir: Focus on the serious business of Parliament without the games

Senator Ricky Muir, Senator for Victoria from the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, has reacted angrily to some methods being used to court his vote in relation to the Government’s plans to reinstate the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

“There are fresh reports in the media today around the possibility of a double dissolution election if the Australian Building and Construction Commission is rejected in the Senate for the second time when it comes up for a vote, as is expected early this year,” Senator Muir said.

“From my perspective, I would like to make it quite clear that this type of talk is essentially counterproductive.”

“Yesterday I met with Minister Cash about the Government’s desire to reinstate the ABCC. I also discussed the Government’s plans in relation to Registered Organisations. I have been offered the opportunity to view the confidential volume of the Trade Union Royal Commission. Removing myself from any debate as to who should or should not be able to read the volume, I have accepted the offer. I will also respect the request for confidentiality of specific details and information.”

“I will take the full report - all six volumes - into consideration as part of my decision-making process. This is just as I do with information received from all other stakeholders.”

“I will make a decision based on all relevant information and vote in a manner which I feel is in the best interest of Australia. If I feel that amendments need to be made, I will discuss them, then move them if I believe they are necessary.”

“In no way will I respond to suggestions of a double dissolution by voting in a manner purely to ‘save’ my position in the Senate. That would go against the very reasons and principles of why I got involved with politics in the first place. I will vote in a manner based on the available information and in a way of which I believe will be in the best interest of Australia; not in the interest of my Senate position, not in the interest of the Liberals’ ideology and not in the interest of Labor’s ideology.”

“When I have made my final decision, I will put my reasoning why on the public record.”

“But I reiterate that any threats of a double dissolution are counterproductive, as I will not be bullied into a voting position by having the security of my elected position threatened.”

“Likewise, I will not be pressured into a position based on other emotive campaigns from either side,” Senator Muir concluded.


2 February 2016 Parliament House

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