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It's time to stop the lawlessness and reintroduce the Australian Building and Construction Commission

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The Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team: Advancing Tasmania’s interests.


It’s time to stop the lawlessness and reintroduce the Australian Building and Construction Commission


lation to re-establish the rule of law in the building and construction sector must be fast tracked to ensure workers and subcontractors in particular are protected.

The legislation to reintroduce the Australian Building and Construction Commission would ensure a return of the rule of law in that sector, something that would stop illegality and thuggery and protect workers.


Liberal Government stands unashamedly on the side of honest workers who want to see the kinds of criminality exposed by the Trade Union Royal Commission stamped out,” Senator Abetz said today.


y, building and construction sites have become a place of lawlessness, thuggery and criminality run in a mob-like fashion by the CFMEU. Since 2005, the courts have imposed fines of over $6.1 million on CFMEU-related unions and officials for proven breaches of the law.”

“It is c

ritical that we have a tough cop on the beat to ensure that the rule of law is followed and that workers in the industry can be confident of working in a safe and legal working environment.”


trary to claims from the CFMEU, echoed this morning by Bernard Keane on Tasmanian radio, the proposed legislation ensures a number of protections for workers which are of a higher standard than those in place for other Commonwealth regulators such as the ATO, ASIC, the ACCC, APRA and even Centrelink and Medicare.”

“Any not

ice to appear before the Commission would require at least 14 days’ written notice, allows for legal representation of the persons choosing, covers reasonable travel costs and there is oversight by the Commonwealth Ombudsman.”

“When t

he ABCC was last in existence, we had an increase in productivity, we saw projects delivered on time and on budget and a decrease in industrial unrest.”

“I call

on all Tasmanian Members and Senators to support this critical piece of legislation,” Senator Abetz concluded.


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